Christmas Super Girls by Models Fans

Christmas Super Girls by ModelsFans

Christmas super girls  has been pretty busy when it comes to computer security, but one of the most important threats was an email scam which attempted to find new victims using images of sexy girls dressed like Santa. As you can see in the picture attached to the article, the email messages attempted to direct the readers to a malicious website, claiming it was offering sexy photos with women wearing Santa suits. Security company Sophos confirmed the avalanche of emails and informed that numerous messages were entitled “Your Secret Santa”, “Santa Said, HO HO HO”, “Warm Up this Christmas” and “Mrs. Clause Is Out Tonight!”.


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“Find Out What Is Keepin Santa So Jolly! Watch these sexy girls give you that special Santa Treatment! Each one does her best to make you really feel the Holiday Spirit! These Girls Are Naughty and Nice! Get Your Personal Holiday Strip Show Today”, the picture included in the email messages read.

Obviously, the URL link and the “Download For Free Now!” button redirects the users to an infected webpage which, according to Sophos, attempts to drop the W32/Dorf-AE worm.